It is a Whirlwind Right Now for Lorenzo Carter

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Lorenzo Carter is feeling the full court press right now from a bunch of schools in his recruitment.  The weekend of January 17 he was in Baton Rouge for his official visit to LSU.  Last weekend he was on his official visit to Tallahassee to visit Florida State.  Now this weekend he will be headed to Athens to visit Georgia.  In between all of these visits he has had coaches coming through Norcross during the day while he is in class, at night for basketball games and even in home visits.  It has been a whirlwind for Carter these last couple weeks because he is definitely a wanted man and the top prospect remaining on many teams boards. 

Coming off his visit from Florida State this past weekend there are some positive vibes for the Seminole fans but it still appears that LSU led by Brick Haley has emerged as the biggest threat to the Bulldogs for Carter's services.  Mark Richt will be in house in Norcross tonight with Lorenzo Carter to try to get the ball rolling and build momentum for this weekend's official visit when he will be able to spend a bunch of time with Coach Pruitt, Coach Sherrer and Coach Rocker.  That is going to be the most interesting thing for the Bulldogs – how quickly can Sherrer and Rocker build a bond with Carter because it looks like Sherrer may end up at OLB coach and Rocker is the DL coach so they will be working a lot with Lorenzo over the next few years.  

It is a huge week for Carter, it is also a huge week for Georgia and LSU because his visit to Athens this weekend will likely be the determining factor in where Carter ends up.  Alabama and Florida will also likely be in house at some point between now and February 5th trying to make that last big impression. 

Where do you think Carter signs on February 5th?

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