SEC Post-Spring Power Rankings - #3 - LSU Tigers

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Even though the Tigers won 10 games in 2013 the pressure is on for Les Miles in 2014 because the Tigers are perceived to have fallen behind the likes of Alabama, Auburn and likely on the same level as Texas A&M in the SEC West.  LSU fans are very disappointed in their last two seasons since 2011's success and are hungry for a winner.  The good thing for the Tigers is that they have a roster, that despite some question marks, looks ready to catapult back to the countries elite in 2014.

The big question mark for the Tigers comes at the quarterback position just like it is for many other schools in the SEC.  Zach Mettenberger has moved on to the NFL and their is a quarterback competition on campus between Anthony Jennings and true freshmen early enrollee Brandon Harris.  Both are threats as runners and both are capable passers.  However, if I had to lean towards one of them I would give the advantage to Harris because he has elite arm talent and can make every single throw and then some.  There are also questions at WR where Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry and Kadron Boone have moved on to the NFL or graduated.  Outside of that the rest of the offense is loaded.  The Tigers offense will be led by a monstrous and experienced offensive line that should be the best in the SEC.  They have long athletic tackles that should give the QB all the time he needs to throw and massive offensive guards that should get a huge push for the likes of Terrance MaGee, Kenny Hilliard and star incoming true freshmen Leonard Fournette the ability to gash opposing defenses. 

On the defensive side of the ball the Tigers look poised to get back to the top SEC defense that they are accustomed to having.  Defensive end Danielle Hunter is an absolute stud pass rusher and Jermauria Rasco, Tashawn Bower, Frank Herron and Justin Maclin all look ready to get after opposing QB's.  At linebacker the Tigers return a ton of speed and experience that should make that unit one of the most explosive in the SEC.  Last but not least you can't forget about the Tiger's secondary which recently has been the calling card of the LSU defense.  Last season they were young but now with a little mor seasoning they have some great looking DB's. 

Since the pressure is on Les Miles this season he is going to go back to his roots and it is going to fit this team perfectly.  He is going to use the power running game, play action deep balls and ride a strong defense back to competing to the top of the SEC West. 

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